How To Take ScreenShot In Windows 10

How To Take ScreenShot In Windows 10

Maximum people around the world using Windows operating system. Currently, Windows 10 and Windows 7 are the most popular version of the windows. So here we are going to talk about How To Take ScreenShot In Windows 10. This article also applicable for the Windows 7 users.

Most of the users are not aware of the pre-installed feature of the Windows they are trying to install some third-party apps for taking screenshot some time they are free or may be paid. 

So here is some popular question asked by the user related to talking screenshot in Windows 10 and Windows 7-

  • How do I take a screenshot on a Windows 10 computer?
  • how to take a screenshot on windows 7?
  • How do I capture a screenshot on my PC?
  • Where is the screenshot folder in Windows 10?
  • How do you screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop?
  • How do you use Snipping Tool on Windows 10?
  • What is the shortcut key for the Snipping Tool?

So now we are going to discuss the solution of how to take screenshot in Windows 10.

1. Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is my personal favorite method for taking the screenshot in Windows 10 computer. With the help of the Snipping Tool, you can take the screenshot of the whole screen or according to your required size on the screen. For using this feature on Windows computer you simply type snipping tool in the search bar. This method is also working on windows 7 and 8.

Screenshot Using Snipping Tool

shortcut key for the Snipping Tool

There is no dedicated shortcut key given by the Windows for the Snipping Tool but you are a frequent user of the Snipping Tool then you can create a hotkey for it. For this process open the System32 folder and right-click on SnippingTool.exe (or on its shortcut in the Program/Accessories folder). Select Properties. Here, you can set a hotkey for it. I have as an example selected F5. So to open the snipping tool, all I have to do next time is press F5. done!!

the shortcut key for the Snipping Tool

2. Windows + PrtScn

With the help of Windows+PrtScn button, you can take the screenshot of the whole screen. This method is quite simple because you only required to press Windows+PrtScn on your keyboard.

Windows stores the screenshot in the Pictures library, in the Screenshots folder. The file is named “Screenshot.png,”.


Screenshot with the help of Windows+PrtScn


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